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Philly Greens


15 years in the making


We believe everyone should have access to safe and effective hemp products to help maintain one’s health & wellness. Our Premium CBD is curated to help people feel better with an alternative path to a balanced lifestyle.


Led by passionate & experienced industry experts. Our mission is to provide the highest quality hemp products for anyone seeking balance, especially those looking for the benefits of cannabis without the common negative side effects like anxiety and paranoia.


Grown and sourced locally from the best growers across Pennsylvania, our team hand selects a variety of strains for all occasions. We understand what it takes to curate a premium product and want to pass along our experiences.


We hold our products to the highest standard and never compromise quality because it is what you deserve. It’s time everyone gets to experience an elevated and enhanced lifestyle through cannabis.


Philly Greens | Grown for You


High CBD - Low  THC

The perfect balance, enough to reap the benefits without the common negative side effects.


Cold Cured

Properly dried and cold cured for the highest quality flower. Experience the smoothest, most flavorful smoke.

Cherry Abacus
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Full Spectrum

Experience ultimate relief with true full spectrum. Our products contain high levels of naturally occurring cannabinoids & terpenes, providing the best relief.


Hand Selected Cultivar

A wide variety of strains to cater to all occasions. Whether it's to unwind or to alleviate symptoms we have a vibe.


Curated in Pennsylvania

We specifically work with local Pennsylvania farmers to help support the culture and expand caring community.

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Lab Tested

All of our products are 3rd party lab tested for quality, purity and compliance purposes. 


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